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Marginalia — Ed Zuckerman

Ed Zuckerman was distressed to find that the recent editions of titles he read in his youth were changed subtly or dramatically but mostly silently.  The same titles and volume numbers were being used to sell stories that were at least shorter and sometimes completely different than what had originally offered.   At the urging […]



Although marginalia could refer to any writings or sketches in the blank spaces of a printed book, it is most often used to describe instances where someone with a close connection to a book has made marks in it.   Sometimes this is a reader who is interacting with the text.  Famous examples include marks to indicate […]

Association Copy — George Waldo Browne

An association copy is a book whose interest is enhanced by annotations by a creator of the work or one that has been passed from one person to another where the people have a strong connection with the work or the creator’s career overall.  ABC for Book Collectors by John Carter includes this definition and examples: […]

Association Copy

Association Copy

An association copy is a book that has enhanced importance because of the person or people who owned it. It may be presented by the author or artist to someone who is important to that person or the work itself.  In some interesting cases, an association copy may include writing by the author or artist with […]

Signed Series Books

Collecting autographs has been a popular pastime for more than a century. Book collectors explore this by getting books with the signatures of their favorite authors. Who “Signed” it ? When it comes to series books, the process of collecting signed editions becomes more problematic. Some authors, like Roy J. Snell, were real people who […]