Ted Scott was once one of the most popular series produced by the Stratemeyer Syndicate but has since been outshined by the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew.

Like the Hardy Boys, Ted Scott is written by Franklin W. Dixon, the pen name that covered ghostwriters hired to complete the stories from outlines.

The Ted Scott series was influenced heavily by Charles Lindbergh in its beginning and frequently draws on aviation history of its time. It reflects a worldwide fascination with flying and the changing technology of planes.

Blog Posts About Ted Scott:

Dust jacket for the first Ted Scott volume, Over the Ocean to Paris (1927).

The Ted Scott series takes off

The first volume of the Ted Scott series was an obvious retelling of the first solo Transatlantic flight by Charles A. Lindbergh in May 1927.  From time to time a reference is made to how quickly the story was rushed into print.  An examination of the dates is interesting. Charles Lindbergh departed from Roosevelt Field, Long Island, […]