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George A. Warren


“George A. Warren” was a pen name used on two early Cupples & Leon series, the Musket Boys series (1909—1910), about the American Revolutionary War, and the Banner Boy Scouts series (1912—1916), the Stratemeyer Syndicate’s attempt to tell stories of the activities of the members of the Boy Scouts of America.

After Stratemeyer proposed this name for the forthcoming Musket Boys series, they objected somewhat and asked if he had another pen name that could be used.

We also think that we would like to have The Revolutionary Series, and would start in with two volumes.  We have an idea of making these dollar books, as we ought to increase our dollar line, and believe it would help the “Jack Ranger Series,” and, as you know, we always have the chance of reducing them to 50¢, if we find they are not as successful as dollar propositions.

Regarding the name of “George A. Warren,” we think we might get some better sounding name than that, and wish you would try to think of some other name,—a little more elaborate and high-sounding name,—particularly as the author is supposed to be well up in History, etc.  We also would say that the dates and Historical facts must be authentic and correct.

—C&L to Stratemeyer, 4 Nov 1908.

Stratemeyer replied to this promptly.

Will try to think up some good pen name for the Revolutionary War Series.  How does “Richard Montgomery” strike you?  “George [A.] Warren” was a combination from George Washington and General Warren of Bunker Hill fame.  “Warren Montgomery” might go good.

—Stratemeyer to C&L, 5 Nov 1908.

The Stratemeyer Syndicate series that used this name were:

  • The Musket Boys series (1909—1910)
  • The Banner Boy Scouts series (1912—1915)
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