Darewell Chums
The Darewell Chums series used a standard cover design when published by Cupples & Leon. These did not sell well but the reprints with different titles from Goldsmith for the dime store marketplace are common by comparison.

Stratemeyer developed a number of new series for Cupples & Leon starting in 1906 for his newly formed Stratemeyer Syndicate. The Darewell Chums series began in 1908 and had five volumes which were ghostwritten by Howard R. Garis from Stratemeyer’s outlines. They mainly have outdoor themes. The “Allen Chapman” name was used on these books.

1. The Darewell Chums; or, the Heroes of the School (1908)
2. The Darewell Chums in the City; or, the Disappearance of Ned Wilding (1908)
3. The Darewell Chums in the Woods; or, Frank Roscoe’s Secret (1908)
4. The Darewell Chums on a Cruise; or, Fenn Masterson’s Odd Discovery (1909)
5. The Darewell Chums in a Winter Camp; or, Bart Keene’s Best Shot (1911)

After Cupples & Leon sold all that they thought they could of these books, the copyrights and plates were sold off to Goldsmith in 1917 who would reissue them in cheap pulp paper editions for the dime store market. To make them seem “new,” the subtitles were often used as the foretitle such as the yellow jacket reprint of #3 in the image below.

1. The Heroes of the School; or, The Darewell Chums Through Thick and Thin (1917)
2. Ned Wilding’s Disappearance; or, The Darewell Chums in the City (1917)
3. Frank Roscoe’s Secret; or, The Darewell Chums in the Woods (1917)
4. Fenn Masterson’s Discovery; or, The Darewell Chums on a Cruise (1917)
5. Bart Keene’s Hunting Days; or, The Darewell Chums in a Winter Camp (1917)