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What the Font — 1930s Nancy Drew

DeVinne typeface used for Nancy Drew in the 1930s.

The typeface used to publish a book is of significant importance to the readability and overall success. The early Nancy Drew books, along with many other Syndicate books, used a particular typeface that was one of Edward Stratemeyer’s favorites.

Hawaiian Volcano

George C. Stratemeyer lived in Hawaii for the latter half of his life.

The present-day eruption of Kilauea in Hawaii calls to mind the Stratemeyer family connections with Hawaii and its volcanoes.

Whisky Instead of Milk

Walter Prichard Eaton took inspiration from Franklin K. Mathiews’ “Blowing Out the Boy’s Brains” in his Woman’s Home Companion editorial on many youth books being little more than repackaged dime novels.

On This Date — Sept. 16

Sept 16, 1919 letter from a young fan

On this date, September 16, in 1919 Edward Stratemeyer responded to a young fan and revealed some things about how he became a writer. The Rover Boys Second Series is mentioned.

Artifact — Dance Card

Artifact — Dance Card

When Edward Stratemeyer was a young adult, he participated on at least one committee to organize a dance in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Elizabeth, NJ: Red Ribbon Club and Stratemeyer’s Cigar Store On the card above, the location of the Red Ribbon Club Parlors was the corner of Broad and East Grand Streets.  In the 1888 […]

Marginalia — Ed Zuckerman

Ed Zuckerman noticed that the Hardy Boys published in 1976 were not the same as the ones he grew up with. Investigating this, he learned of the revised texts and Leslie McFarlane. He corresponded with the first ghostwriter of the series and got this copy of The Secret of the Caves signed after he had marked passages to use in an article he wrote for Rolling Stone magazine.

The Gift

Regifting or exchanging a gift is a common activity after the holiday season but it is not especially new. Here is a rare instance when Edward Stratemeyer felt obliged to return a book he received from a publisher.