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The Red Cloud

The third volume in the Tom Swift series describes the first of several aircraft owned and flown by the young inventor. The Red Cloud was a large and versatile craft and was featured in several of the early adventures until it was destroyed in the caves of ice. The initial plans for the Red Cloud […]

How Tom Swift Invented Everything

For the readers of the Tom Swift Sr. books who have seen many parallels of the inventions from Shopton, N.Y. and those from the pages of Popular Science and Popular Mechanics and the rest of everyday life, there is almost no question that Tom Swift invented everything of consequence. In reality, the Tom Swift Sr. volumes popularized […]

Tom Swift Invented Everything

Among the readers of the original series of Tom Swift books there’s really no doubt that most of the inventions of the early part of the twentieth century were devised by the young inventor from Shopton, New York. As chronicled in a 38-volume series of books published by Grosset and Dunlap between 1910 and 1935, Tom […]