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Larry Dexter

The Newspaper (Larry Dexter) series. As with the Dorothy Chester books, another series published by Chatterton-Peck in 1907 from the Stratemeyer Syndicate used the author’s real name even though they were owned by the Syndicate. This was originally called the Newspaper series and featured a young man named Larry Dexter. After the first volume in […]

Howard R. Garis

Howard R. Garis

Howard R. Garis (1873-1962) was the most prolific ghostwriter for the Stratemeyer Syndicate.  Over a span of 30 years he wrote some 315 books for them. His name was placed on the title pages and covers of several series that were owned and outlined by the Stratemeyer Syndicate, including: The Larry Dexter series (1907—1915) The Dick […]