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Whisky Instead of Milk

Walter Prichard Eaton took inspiration from Franklin K. Mathiews’ “Blowing Out the Boy’s Brains” in his Woman’s Home Companion editorial on many youth books being little more than repackaged dime novels.

The Gift

Regifting or exchanging a gift is a common activity after the holiday season but it is not especially new. Here is a rare instance when Edward Stratemeyer felt obliged to return a book he received from a publisher.

Artifact — Holiday Bookselling

Part of a Grosset & Dunlap pamphlet called Best Books for Boys and Girls, 1914.

Edward Stratemeyer was more than an author of books and proprietor of a literary syndicate, he was interested and actively involved in nearly every phase of the production, publication, and promotion of his books. For several years publisher catalogs were printed and mailed after Thanksgiving upon his direction.