A story that was published in two or more parts in a magazine. Sometimes these parts were collected and published as a book, occasionally part of a series.

For people who are generally outside the series book collecting field, the phrase “serial” might be applied when “series book” is intended.

The image below is a sample page from American Boy magazine containing a story that was later expanded and published as a volume in the Adventures in the Unknown series (Grosset & Dunlap, 1933-34) by Carl H. Claudy. The illustrations in the book were different as well.

When published in the magazine, it was a serial story, and then it was published as a book. This is different than a fixup where a series of short stories are turned into a book by connecting them as if they were one story.

Land of No Shadow
First page of the first installment of “The Land of No Shadow” in American Boy, Feb. 1931.


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