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Hawaiian Volcano

The volcano Kilauea on the island of Hawaii has recently been in the news.  The entire archipelago has formed from relatively recent volcanic activity and Kilauea has long been active and a marvel and terror for more than 150 years. Edward Stratemeyer’s older half-brother, George Christian Stratemeyer, left Elizabeth, New Jersey, and moved first to […]

Happy Birthday Edward Stratemeyer

Edward Stratemeyer, 1903

This post was written on the 155th anniversary of Edward Stratemeyer’s birthday. Edward Stratemeyer was born on October 4, 1862 in Elizabeth, New Jersey to Henry Julius Stratemeyer and Anna Siegel Stratemeyer.  He was the youngest of six children born to Anna.  His three oldest half-brothers were fathered by George Edward Stratemeyer before he died […]

Artifact — Dance Card

When Edward Stratemeyer was a young adult, he participated on at least one committee to organize a dance in Elizabeth, New Jersey. On the card above, the location of the Red Ribbon Club Parlors was the corner of Broad and East Grand Streets.  In the 1888 city directory for Elizabeth, the address was given as […]

Happy Birthday, Harriet Stratemeyer Adams

This post is written on Harriet Stratemeyer Adams’ 124th birthday (eldest daughter of author Edward Stratemeyer). Edward Stratemeyer founded the Stratemeyer Syndicate in 1905. Although he had the idea earlier and wrote about the idea, the first book assignments produced through the Syndicate process were ordered in 1905 and published in 1906. He ran the […]

Stratemeyer Graduates

May and June are traditional graduation months for universities and high schools.  At the time of his high school graduation on Thursday June 26, 1879, Edward Stratemeyer was attending Public School No. 3 on High Street in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  It was a few blocks from the Stratemeyer family home at 24 Palmer Street. While […]

Location — 31 Broad Street, Elizabeth, NJ

One of the persistent myths about Edward Stratemeyer is that he wrote his first long professional story, “Victor Horton’s Idea,” while clerking in a relative’s shop in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  He is said to have found some idle time and took wrapping paper from a roll and wrote his story in pencil to be sent […]

Victor Horton’s Idea

Victor Horton

Victor Horton’s Idea was the first professionally published work by Edward Stratemeyer, the creator of Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Tom Swift, and many other children’s series books. This edition is the first time the story has been in book form. With the introduction and annotations by editor James Keeline, you will be able to enjoy […]

Edward Stratemeyer, Man of Mystery

The Stratemeyer Syndicate, Edward Stratemeyer, proprietor, of Newark, N.J. and New York City, can use the services of several additional writers in the preparation of the Syndicate’s books for boys, books for girls and rapid-fire detective stories. These stories are all written for the Syndicate on its own titles and outlines and we buy all […]

Happy Mother’s Day, Anna Siegel Stratemeyer

While we are beginning to understand the scope of Edward Stratemeyer’s contributions to the massively popular books read by millions of children spanning more than 120 years, it seems fitting for Mother’s Day to remember Edward’s mother, Anna Siegel Stratemeyer. She was born in Bremen, Germany on October 28, 1828.  Her first husband was the […]

Edward Stratemeyer

Edward Stratemeyer

Although primarily known for creating popular series like Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, Edward Stratemeyer was a popular author in his own right.  From 1894 to 1926 there were 168 of his stories published as books under his own name and some personal pseudonyms.  His 30-volume Rover Boys series had more than 5 million […]