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Artifact — Dance Card

When Edward Stratemeyer was a young adult, he participated on at least one committee to organize a dance in Elizabeth, New Jersey. On the card above, the location of the Red Ribbon Club Parlors was the corner of Broad and East Grand Streets.  In the 1888 city directory for Elizabeth, the address was given as […]

Happy Father’s Day, Henry Julius Stratemeyer

My discovery of Stratemeyer Syndicate series began with the original Tom Swift series and my father.  On our family bookcase were six or eight of these books from the 1920s and two of them had the paper dust jackets.  I became interested when I was about eight years of age in 1975 and I remember […]

April Fools Articles in Series Book Magazines

It is April 1 again and time for each amazing claim placed before you to be treated with more scrutiny than usual. Some series book fans like to play the April Fool’s Day game and have submitted articles to series book magazines that have misled some collectors to look for books that do not exist. […]

1891 Christmas story by Stratemeyer

Among the least-known form of Edward Stratemeyer’s writings are his short stories for newspapers, especially the Newark Sunday Call.  This weekly from his home town ran a group of stories by Stratemeyer that were timed and themed to the holidays of the year.  With only a local audience in mind, locations known to Newark-area readers were included. […]

Terminology Tuesday

Terminology Tuesday

Like any field with complexity and sophistication, the people who read, collect, and research juvenile series books from the Stratemeyer Syndicate and other people and groups have developed specialized terms.  For the person who is new to the community, this jargon can be confusing and even intimidating.  Learning the meaning of these words can help […]

Location — 31 Broad Street, Elizabeth, NJ

One of the persistent myths about Edward Stratemeyer is that he wrote his first long professional story, “Victor Horton’s Idea,” while clerking in a relative’s shop in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  He is said to have found some idle time and took wrapping paper from a roll and wrote his story in pencil to be sent […]

Series Book Autographs

When collecting modern first printings, the typical desire is to obtain a first printing of a book in fine condition that is signed by the author.  Sometimes these copies are the only ones that will sell at all.  With juvenile series books, this is usually not possible because there were relatively few occasions to meet […]

Artifact — Tom Swift Shoes

Tom Swift was among the Syndicate’s most successful creations.  The first series was forty volumes published between 1910 and 1941 and featured a young inventor of Shopton, New York, who made airships and other gadgets and these were instrumentals in adventures around the world. The inventive genius ran in the family.  Tom inherited it from his […]

Nancy Drew Myth Busting

There is an unfortunate amount of false information about Edward Stratemeyer, the Stratemeyer Syndicate, and Nancy Drew, both in print and online.  As these legends are repeated, they take on a semblance of truth that is undeserved. This piece, called “The Nancy Drew Mythtery Stories,” was made at the 2007 Nancy Drew Conference at Wilson […]

Stratemeyer Syndicate 101; or, Where did all of those books come from?

This page on the Stratemeyer Syndicate was adapted from a presentation given to the 100th Anniversary Tom Swift Convention we hosted in San Diego in July 2010.  Its goal is to provide an historical overview of the Syndicate using information interpreted from findings in the Stratemeyer Syndicate Records Collection at NYPL and other respected sources. Keep […]