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Bobbsey Twins format page


The Bobbsey Twins was one of the longest-running series produced by the Stratemeyer Syndicate.  The first volume was personally written by Edward Stratemeyer and was published in 1904. It was not a big seller.  Undeterred, two additional titles were added in 1907, the product of a ghostwriter, Lilian C. Garis, working from Stratemeyer’s outlines.  These also did not sell well.  

Stratemeyer was still pretty sure that he had a good series idea and that the early publishers were not able to sell the desired numbers of copies.  He took the Bobbsey Twins and other series of his to Grosset & Dunlap and that is when they began to sell well.  New titles were added in 1913 by Howard R. Garis and eventually other writers.  All of the books were published under the “Laura Lee Hope” pseudonym.

As one would expect, a series published over a long period of time had many formats.  This page serves as a guide to the principal formats for the Grosset & Dunlap editions along with some from other publishers.

Bobbsey Twins Formats

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