Racer Boys

The Racer Boys was a short-lived series under the Clarence Young pen name with smaller sales than many others, making them a challenge to locate in the original editions.

The Racer Boys was a series of six volumes published by Cupples & Leon between 1912 and 1914.  

1. The Racer Boys; or, The Mystery of the Wreck (1912)
2. The Racer Boys at Boarding School; or, Striving for the Championship (1912)
3. The Racer Boys to the Rescue; or, Stirring Days in a Winter Camp (1912)
4. The Racer Boys on the Prairies; or, The Treasure of Golden Park (1913)
5. The Racer Boys on Guard; or, The Rebellion at Riverview Hall (1913)
6. The Racer Boys Forging Ahead; or, The Rivals of the School League (1914)

The first three volumes of the series were reprinted in cheaper editions by Sully as the Frank and Andy series in 1921 under the “Vance Barnum” pen name.

1. Frank and Andy Afloat; or, The Cave on the Island (Sully, 1921).
2. Frank and Andy at Boarding School; or, Rivals for Many Honors (Sully, 1921).
3. Frank and Andy in a Winter Camp; or, The Young Hunters’ Strange Discovery (Sully, 1921).