Jack Ranger series
Jack Ranger began as books to be sold at $1.00 but was later reduced to 60¢.

This series of Stratemeyer Syndicate adventure stories was begun by Cupples & Leon in 1907 and published under the “Clarence Young” name that was used for the popular Motor Boys series begun the year earlier.

The Jack Ranger books were fairly expensive offerings in their first years with substantial bindings for a Cupples & Leon series. As a result, however, sales were not that high and it can be a challenge to find them in their quality formats. The prices were reduced and the quality of materials dropped.

The first volume was ghostwritten by Weldon J. Cobb of Chicago. Stratemeyer was not completely satisfied with his work on this so he asked Howard R. Garis to write the other books in the series.

1. Jack Ranger’s Schooldays; or, The Rivals of Washington Hall (1907)
2. Jack Ranger’s Western Trip; or, From Boarding School to Ranch and Range  (1908)
3. Jack Ranger’s School Victories; or, Track, Gridiron and Diamond  (1908)
4. Jack Ranger’s Ocean Cruise; or, The Wreck of the Polly Ann  (1909)
5. Jack Ranger’s Gun Club; or, From the Schoolroom to Camp and Trail  (1910)
6. Jack Ranger’s Treasure Box; or, The Outing of the Schoolboy Yachtsmen  (1911)