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Write your NaNoWriMo Novel Like a Classic Nancy Drew Volu...

November is a time when many people participate in a group activity to write a novel (or other long work) organized as NaNoWriMo — the National Novel Writing Month.  Those who sign up (free) can give a name, brief description, cover thumbnail image, and report on their progress to write a rough draft of 50,000 […]

April Fools Articles in Series Book Magazines

It is April 1 again and time for each amazing claim placed before you to be treated with more scrutiny than usual. Some series book fans like to play the April Fool’s Day game and have submitted articles to series book magazines that have misled some collectors to look for books that do not exist. […]

Signed Series Books

Collecting autographs has been a popular pastime for more than a century. Book collectors explore this by getting books with the signatures of their favorite authors. Who “Signed” it ? When it comes to series books, the process of collecting signed editions becomes more problematic. Some authors, like Roy J. Snell, were real people who […]

Ghostwriting in the Mega-Books era

A recent article in The Atlantic gives some interesting perspectives on the role of ghostwriting the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew in the era immediately after the Stratemeyer Syndicate was sold to Simon & Schuster in 1984.   When the Stratemeyer Syndicate was a separate entity, they supplied the outlines to ghostwriters, edited the stories, and submitted […]

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew

The Nancy Drew series (written under the pseudonym of Carolyn Keene) began in 1930. More Articles About Nancy Drew: Blog Posts About Nancy Drew:

Early Stratemeyer Mysteries

If Edward Stratemeyer is known today, it is as the founder of the Stratemeyer Syndicate and the creator of their longest-lasting and most famous series, the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew.  For many readers and collectors, mystery stories similar to these are their primary interest.  The Syndicate had many types of series, including outdoor, school, sports, career, […]

Nancy Drew Myth Busting

There is an unfortunate amount of false information about Edward Stratemeyer, the Stratemeyer Syndicate, and Nancy Drew, both in print and online.  As these legends are repeated, they take on a semblance of truth that is undeserved. This piece, called “The Nancy Drew Mythtery Stories,” was made at the 2007 Nancy Drew Conference at Wilson […]

Nancy Drew MYTHtery Stories

Nancy Drew MYTHtery Stories

When a librarian from the University of Arkansas inquired about Carolyn Keene, the author of The Password to Larkspur Lane (Grosset & Dunlap, 1933), she received an extraordinary answer: … In reply, I must bring to your attention the fact that there are many people in official, political, or professional life who have the urge […]