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Happy Birthday, Harriet Stratemeyer Adams

This post is written on Harriet Stratemeyer Adams’ 124th birthday (eldest daughter of author Edward Stratemeyer). Edward Stratemeyer founded the Stratemeyer Syndicate in 1905. Although he had the idea earlier and wrote about the idea, the first book assignments produced through the Syndicate process were ordered in 1905 and published in 1906. He ran the […]

Nancy Drew 50th Anniversary Gala

This 1980 video with Charles Osgood from CBS News reported on the gala hosted by Simon & Schuster shortly after they began to publish the new Stratemeyer Syndicate volumes. For many years Harriet Stratemeyer Adams had noticed that while the royalty check amounts from Grosset & Dunlap had increased, the sales per volume had been […]

Ghostwriting in the Mega-Books era

A recent article in The Atlantic gives some interesting perspectives on the role of ghostwriting the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew in the era immediately after the Stratemeyer Syndicate was sold to Simon & Schuster in 1984.   When the Stratemeyer Syndicate was a separate entity, they supplied the outlines to ghostwriters, edited the stories, and submitted […]

Origins of the Stratemeyer Syndicate

Origins of the Stratemeyer Syndicate

This year, 2015, has been identified as the 85th anniversary of the origin of Nancy Drew as well as the passing of the Stratemeyer Syndicate founder, Edward Stratemeyer. The latter is an easy date to name because he died on May 10, 1930. The best date to associate with Nancy Drew is a bit harder […]