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Whisky Instead of Milk

After Franklin K. Mathiews’ polemic was published in The Outlook in November 1914, which led to the foundation of Children’s Book Week, there were other articles published to warn parents, teachers, and librarians of the reading they considered to be dangerous to boys and their imaginations. One interesting example was written by Walter Prichard Eaton (1878-1957) […]

Children’s Book Week

Are you Prepared for Children’s Book Week? — November 10-15 (1919) “Safety First Juvenile Book Week” started in 1915 along the lines of “Safe and Sane Fourth of July.” Where one was concerned with injuries from fireworks, the other was obsessed with reading by boys.  By 1919 this had evolved into Children’s Book Week.  The November dates […]

George A. Warren

  “George A. Warren” was a pen name used on two early Cupples & Leon series, the Musket Boys series (1909—1910), about the American Revolutionary War, and the Banner Boy Scouts series (1912—1916), the Stratemeyer Syndicate’s attempt to tell stories of the activities of the members of the Boy Scouts of America. After Stratemeyer proposed this name […]