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The Gift

Choosing the right gift for someone is always a challenge.  It is even more difficult when it is a gift for a business contact if you don’t know them very well. Of course sometimes the recipient returns the gift.  However, it is not very often that the recipient returns it to the presenter with a […]

Association Copy — George Waldo Browne

An association copy is a book whose interest is enhanced by annotations by a creator of the work or one that has been passed from one person to another where the people have a strong connection with the work or the creator’s career overall.  ABC for Book Collectors by John Carter includes this definition and examples: […]

Story—A Lucky Explosion (1892)

As with other holidays, Edward Stratemeyer wrote a couple short stories for Independence Day for the Newark Sunday Call. The first of these was “A Lucky Explosion: An Independence Day Story for Young People” (3 July 1892). The story was reprinted in an abridged form in Young Sports of America as by “Ed Ward” (13 […]

Story—A Perilous Skate (1892)

In the 1890s Edward Stratemeyer struck a deal with the editor of the Newark Sunday Call newspaper to offer occasional short stories.  Most often these were timed to coincide with a holiday of the year.  He wanted to gather some of these together and publish them as a book to be called “Holiday Stories for Boys.” […]

Event — Del Mar Antique Fair

Christmas in November The Del Mar Antique Fair (Nov. 18-20, 2016) in San Diego County has a theme of “Christmas in November” and we will be there to offer Stratemeyer Syndicate and other series books and children’s favorites.  More details may be found on the event page. Come and buy some books and learn something […]

1894 Ghost story by Edward Stratemeyer

Among the least-known form of Edward Stratemeyer’s writings are his short stories for newspapers, especially the Newark Sunday Call.  This weekly from his home town ran a group of stories by Stratemeyer that were timed and themed to the holidays of the year.  With only a local audience in mind, locations known to Newark-area readers were included. […]

Story—The Ghost of Flydown Hill (1894)

In the 1890s Edward Stratemeyer wrote a series of short stories for the Newark Sunday Call for young people that were timed to coincide with the holidays around the year.   Later he wanted to publish a book of these stories to be called Holiday Stories for Boys.  Although that did not work out, we published a […]

Stratemeyer Graduates

May and June are traditional graduation months for universities and high schools.  At the time of his high school graduation on Thursday June 26, 1879, Edward Stratemeyer was attending Public School No. 3 on High Street in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  It was a few blocks from the Stratemeyer family home at 24 Palmer Street. While […]

Story—A Longed-For Adventure (1892)

In the United States the last Monday of May is commemorated as Memorial Day.  It was originally known as Decoration Day to reflect a tradition of honoring war dead from the Civil War. Among Stratemeyer’s “holiday” stories for the Newark Sunday Call was “A Longed-For Adventure:  A Decoration Day Story for Young People” (29 May 1892). […]

Motor Boys

Motor Boys

The Motor Boys series. The other series begun by Edward Stratemeyer in 1905 was the Motor Boys series for Cupples & Leon. This was part of several series volumes issued by that publisher in 1906 but it happens to be the first one ordered from a ghostwriter. All of the volumes were ghostwritten by Howard […]